Enhancing your self-efficacy

“Strong intuitions come with strong practical knowledge and most importantly from having the determination for learning how to learn.”

In today’s world, we can easily find out that a lot of metrics have been devised for self-performance and intelligence assessment. We may not need to know the tags for these evaluation metrics as this is something inherent to human nature. Could you guess what is that destructive key element that we always think of when we look at the achievements of someone who is related to us ?

Yes you probably guessed it right. The answer is “Comparison”. Comparison is something inherent to us. But what matters the most is the consequences we face.

The consequences could be both positive as well as negative. If we take it up constructively it would lead to self-motivation / driving force to follow up on the similar track to achieve it. This leads to self-improvement.

But if we take it up in a negative state, this would be very destructive and could lead to a lowering of your self-confidence. Moreover, deliberately choosing to follow on the same track might become a reason to achieve the end goal rather than to enjoy the process of achieving the end goal.

“Focus on the process of achieving your goal rather than focusing on the final product.”

Well how do we do that ?

Let’s say you want to learn how to play piano, to be specific you want to play the famous song “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi.

  1. Focusing on the process.

By chunking the process into smaller parts like for the initial state, start with the opening 10 seconds of the song and learn to play it well for quite some time.

Now, your little self-reward will be to appreciate that you successfully finished the initial stage. Like this, you can keep moving forward while revisiting the previous chunks and ultimately merge smaller chunks to develop larger chunks of learning how to play guitar.

With gradual efforts and merging of small baby steps, we would finally be able to reach a point where the entire song could be played successfully.

2. What if we focus on the product.

After the initial state, rather than rewarding yourself, you will be looking at the end product and will ponder upon negative thoughts like it took me so much of time to learn to play the basics, how will i be able to even finish ?

These negative thoughts would lead to lowering your self-efficacy and enthusiasm.

So the final verdict is “always focus on the process of learning how to learn about something you wish to learn”.

Compare yourself with your past form and not with others. Self-introspection is something we all should do. Always have a pride in yourself as I believe every living species have a latent special power which is unique to them.

Nowadays even the machines can be made intelligent, because they are trained over long periods of time to have a better accuracy than their previous versions.

Understanding your key strengths and weaknesses would help you come out of your comfort zone and will greatly boost up your performance. It fills you up with optimistic thoughts and gives you a new perception to look at things in a much better comprehensive manner.

It’s the same poem that everyone reads with their eyes, but only a few sing with their heart.

Final Words

It’s a common thing for us to compare our progress with others, but remember to always upgrade yourself everyday. Try “Pomodoro technique” to help you tackle procrastination.

I believe that names of the techniques should not matter. Self-introspection is something one should always practice simply before sleep, this helps us to think of the activities we did during the day. With the help of this we could analyze where we went wrong and what could be done in a better way.
One should never compare ourselves with others and i strongly believe that we should be motivated by our own goals and hence our measure of success is improvement from our past form.

We should set goals that are simple and achievable with some efforts and by accumulating small small drops of water, we ultimately embark on our way to fill up our ocean of experiences and wisdom.

“Strong intuitions come with strong applied knowledge.”

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